Best Short Presentation Awards

Masakazu Sugawara
Tohoku University
“Plasmon-Enhanced Polarized Single Photon Source Coupled to an Optical Nanofiber at Room Temperature”
Nithya Arunkumar
Harvard University, University of Maryland
“SABRE-Enhanced NMR Spectroscopy Using Quantum Defects in Diamond”
Pierre Vidil
Tohoku University
“Nonlocal Variable-Strength Measurements of N Qubits Using GHZ-like Entanglement”

Short Presentation Awards

Hitoshi Ishiwata
JST PRESTO, Tokyo Institute of Technology
“Label-Free Phase Change Detection of Lipid Bilayers Using Nanoscale Diamond Magnetometry”
Kosuke Mizuno
Tokyo Institute of Technology
“Electron Spin Contrast of High Density and Perfectly Aligned Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers Synthesized by Chemical Vapor Deposition”
Peng Wang
Tokyo Institute of Technology
“Optical Properties of Lead Vacancy Centers in Diamond”
Naota Sekiguchi
Gakushuin University
“Spin Squeezing Induced by Consecutive Imaging of a Bose-Einstein Condensate”
Frederick Tze Kit So
Kyoto University
“A Simple Deaggregation Method Producing Single-Digit Detonation Nanodiamonds”
Daniel McCloskey
The University of Melbourne
“Hydrogenated Diamond Surfaces and their Use in Nitrogen-Vacancy Sensing Applications”
Hiroya Seki
The University of Electro-Communications
“Angular Dependence of Photon-Pair Generation via Biexciton”
Takashi Yamamoto
Tokyo Institute of Technology
“Effect of Mis-Orientation Angle for CVD Grown Perfectly Aligned NV Center on (111) Diamond Substrate”