The 5th International Forum on Quantum Metrology and Sensing

The 5th IFQMS is going to be held from November 28 to 30 in 2022 as a Joint Program Session with Quantum Innovation 2022 (QI2022)
Further information will be posted on the QI2022 website and this web page as needed.

QI2022: 28-30 November, 2022 (Online)
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2022.12.23Awards” is uploaded.
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2022.9.28The deadline of application for Short Presentation has been extended until October 12.
2022.9.20The deadline of application for Short Presentation has been extended until October 3.
2022.8.29The 5th IFQMS website has been launched.

Short Presentation Session for Young Scientists

[SE-03A: Short Presentations by Young Researchers on SE-01, 04, 06, 07 Topics].

1.General Information

WhenTuesday, November 29th from 13:10 to 16:10 (Japan time)
WhereOnline (Via the Zoom application)
Language English
Time arrangement 3-minute presentation followed by a Q & A session and a group discussion
Award Some of the best presenters will be chosen by the evaluators.
RemarksMultiple presentations will be conducted simultaneously depending on the number of participants.

2.How to enter the contest:

  • Please download the Application Form below.
  • Application Form [Excel file]
  • Send the Application Form with the title of the presentation and any other necessary information by Wednesdays, October 12th to the IFQMS Secretariat email to ifqms[at]
    *The application deadline has been extended until October 12.
    *Note: Please replace [at] with @ when you email us.

3.After the entry

  • An acceptance letter will be sent to the applicants by mid-October.
  • Please download the Abstract template below and send it by email to ifqms[at]
    by Monday, October 31st. We don’t accept any abstracts past the deadline.
    *Note: Please replace [at] with @ when you email us.
  • 5th IFQMS Short Presentation Abstract Template [Word file]

4.Preparation for the presentation materials

  • Please get the slides ready for the presentation. In order to let other participants understand your research, please prepare supporting slides that can be used when the Chair asks you to give them further information.

5.Template for Proceeding of Short Presentation

Proceedings (Short Presentation Session)


Virtual background for joining Zoom


Judging Committee for Short Presentation Awards

Best Short Presentation Award of SE-03A

Naoya Morioka
Kyoto University
“Room-temperature electrical detection of nuclear spins in silicon carbide”

Short Presentation Award of SE-03A

Fumihiro China
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)
“Efficient superconducting nanostrip single-photon detectors for 2 μm wavelength”
Ernst David Herbschlebo
Kyoto University
“Enhancing sensitivity with entanglement in coupled nitrogen vacancy centres”
Ryota Katsumi
Toyohashi University of Technology
“Transfer-printing-based integration of SiN grating structure on diamond toward highly sensitive quantum sensor”
Naota Sekiguchi
Tokyo Institute of Technology
“Towards measurement of magnetic field generated by the brain of a living rat using N-V centers in diamond”

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