Flagship Project

Development of innovative sensor
systems by highly sophisticated
control of solid quantum sensors


Representative Researcher

Mutsuko HATANO
Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Hatano & Iwasaki Lab. website


Building a “co-creative center for solid-state quantum sensor” to conduct collaborative R&D seamlessly from physics to applications of innovative solid quantum sensor systems. Developing prototypes of quantum sensors by utilizing diamond NV center (nitrogen–vacancy pair), whose spin coherence is excellent even at room temperature in the atmosphere and whose quantum states can be initialized and read out by light.

Battery & power-device monitoring

Goals of Research and Development

  • Development of prototypes for magnetoencephalography (MEG) with high sensitivity and high spatial resolution

  • Development of prototypes for systems monitoring the current and the temperature in batteries and power devices


MEG system

4th to 5th year: Sensitivity of 5 pT; Magnetic imaging of nerve issues, and MEG of small animals
10th year: Sensitivity of 10 fT; Measurement of human MEG

Monitoring systems of batteries and power devices

4th to 5th year: Implementation of quantum sensors inside batteries and power devices, Simultaneous measurement of current and temperature
10th year: Small prototypes for dynamic measurement of current and temperature

Exit Strategies

Form a consortium of corporations that have interest in the development of materials and devices for solid quantum sensors and the development of systems employing such sensors. Aim at efficient and smooth social implementation by collaborative development that distinguishes between the cooperative area for joint development of basic technologies common to the member companies and the competitive area according to the individual applications and needs.

Reinforcement of Research Base and Training of Next Generation Human Resources

  • Allows young leaders to promote these activities so that they can become world leaders of each area in the 10 years
  • Hiring of competent doctoral students as researchers, to nurture young leaders in next generation
  • Promotion of fluidity of human resources and fusion of different fields at the co-development hub to formulate positions in new interdisciplinary fields
  • Formulate career paths for postdocs and doctoral students through industry-government-academia collaboration
  • Cultivation of human resources who comprehend solid quantum sensors from fundamental theories to overall systems

Research Group 

Quantum Spintronics Gr.

Group Leader
MIZUOCHI Norikazu,
Professor, Kyoto University

Material & Device Gr.

Group Leader
KATO Hiromitsu,
Senior Researcher, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

Quantum Life Gr.

Group Leader
OHSHIMA Takeshi,
Director, National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology

Sensor System Gr.

Group Leader
IWASAKI Takayuki,
Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Bio-sensing Gr.

Group Leader
SEKINO Masaki, Professor, University of Tokyo

phalography Gr.

Group Leader
OYAMA Kazuhiro, Manager, DENSO Corporation

Neuron Measurement Gr.

Group Leader
KOGUCHI Masanari, Chief Researcher, Hitachi, Ltd

Battery Monitor Gr.

Group Leader
INOUE Keisuke, Manager, YAZAKI Corporation

High Pressure Synthetic Materials Gr.

Group Leader
TERAMOTO Minori, Manager, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.