This research is supported by MEXT Q-LEAP (Quantum Leap Flagship Program).

Flagship Project (Development of innovative sensor systems by highly sophisticated control of solid quantum sensors)

DateMediaTitlesContents of announcementPersons in charge
12023/2Tokyo Tech press release based on Phys. Rev. Applied 19, 024061 (2023) Breakthrough in Tin-Vacancy Centers for Quantum Network Applications(External website)Tokyo TechTakayuki Iwaswaki(Tokyo Tech)
22022/9Tokyo Tech and Yazaki Corp. press release based on publication in Scientific Reports, 12, Article number: 13991 (2022)High-accuracy Electric Vehicle Battery Monitoring with Diamond Quantum Sensors for Driving Range Extension Towards Carbon Neutrality(External website)Tokyo Tech
(External website)Yazaki Corp.
Mutsuko Hatano(Tokyo Tech), Keisuke Inoue(Yazaki Corp.)
32022/8Tokyo Tech and Utokyo press release based on Communications Physics, 5, 200(2022)Measuring Currents in the Heart at Millimeter Resolution with a Diamond Quantum Sensor(External website)Tokyo Tech
(External website)Utokyo
Takayuki Iwaswaki(Tokyo Tech), Masaki Sekino(Utokyo)
42022/7Utokyo press release based on Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Volume 61, Number 8(2022)Design of an ultra-sensitive and miniaturized diamond NV magnetometer based on a nanocavity structure(External website)UtokyoMasaki Sekino(Utokyo), Takaishi Yatsui(Utokyo)