The 1st International Forum on Quantum Sensing (IFQS2019)

The 1st International Forum on Quantum Sensing was held at Tokyo Institute of Technology Ookayama Campus from February 17th (Sun) to 19th (Tue), 2019, with more than 130 participants.
This forum was held to promote international collaboration and the development of young human resources in the field of quantum metrology and sensing technology of the MEXT Quantum Leap Flagship Program (Q-LEAP). The content in this 1st Forum focused on diamond quantum sensing, which is the theme of the Flagship project.

Opening Remarks

Professor Yasuhiko Arakawa

Under the chairperson of Professor Mutsuko Hatano of Tokyo Institute of Technology, the principal investigator of the Flagship Project in the area of quantum metrology and sensing, Osamu Watanabe, Executive Vice President of Tokyo Institute of Technology (in charge of research), expressed his gratitude and expectations to the participants.
Next, the opening remarks were given by Professor Yasuhiko Arakawa of the University of Tokyo, Program Director of Quantum Metrology and Sensing Area in Q-LEAP. Professor Arakawa introduced the recent situation surrounding quantum science and technology, the whole picture of related MEXT programs, and expressed his expectations for the creation of innovation in the field of quantum metrology and sensing.

Plenary Lecture, Invited Lectures

Keynote lecture and invited lectures were given by four researchers invited from overseas who are leading research in each field. After the lecture, many questions and comments were received from listeners such as postdocs and young researchers including graduate students, and the venue was filled with enthusiasm.

Amir Yacoby
Professor, Depart of Physics, Harvard University, USA 
Title: Probing Condensed Matter Physics with Magnetometry Based on Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond
Joerg Wrachtrup
Professor, 3rd Institute of Physics and Center for Applied Quantum Technologies, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Title: Improving nanoscale quantum sensing
Fedor Jelezko
Professor, Institute of Quantum Optics, Ulm University, Germany
Title: Quantum sensing with diamond NV centers
Christoph E. Nebel
Professor, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics (IAF), Germany
Title: 3D-Growth of diamond for bottom-up fabrication of diamond tips and mesas for quantum-tech applications

Panel Discussion

Panel discussion

In addition to the four overseas invited guests mentioned above, Prof. Amir Yacoby, Prof. Joerg Wrachtrup, Prof. Fedor Jelezko, Prof. Christoph E. Nebel, Professor Mutsuko Hatano of Tokyo Institute of Technology, and invited researcher Satoshi Yamazaki of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology were on stage, and actively exchanged opinions with the audience.
President Kazuya Masu of Tokyo Institute of Technology also participated in the panel discussion and the subsequent discussion meeting, and enthusiastically exchanged opinions with overseas invited guests and young researchers.


Oral Presentations/ Poster Presentations

poster presentations

On the second day, February 18th (Monday), 11 oral presentations and 18 poster presentations were made.
Oral speakers included Dr. Mark Jen-Hao Ku of Harvard University, and Christian Osterkamp of Ulm University.
At the poster presentation venue, many young researchers enthusiastically exchanged questions with invited guests and representatives of each research institution.

Award Ceremony

On February 19th (Tuesday), the third day, awards were given for oral presentations and poster presentations by young researchers.

Awards PresentersAffiliationsTitles
Best Presentation AwardMark Jen-Hao KuHarvard UniversityPostdoctoral Researcher
Presentation AwardKosuke MizunoTokyo Institute of TechnologyDoctoral Student
Presentation Award Christian OsterkampUlm UniversityDoctoral Student
Presentation Award Ernst Herbschleb Kyoto University Postdoctoral Researcher
Poster AwardHitoshi IshiwataPRESTOPostdoctoral Researcher
Poster Award Yuta MasuyamaTokyo Institute of Technology Postdoctoral Researcher
Poster Award Hiroki MorishitaKyoto UniversityPostdoctoral Researcher
Poster Award Taisuke KageuraWaseda UniversityDoctoral Student
Poster Award Kota SaichiUniversity of TokyoDoctoral Student
Group photo by participants