The 3rd Quantum Solid Flagship Seminar

The 3rd “Quantum Solid-state Sensor Flagship Seminar” was held online on Friday, December 4, from 6:00 pm.
Mr. Wado, Director of MIRISE Technologies (Denso), who is currently working on the Quantum Solid State Flagship Project, gave a lecture on semiconductor technologies and challenges supporting automated driving.
As with the previous seminar, about 50 people from inside and outside the Quantum Solid Flagship participated. We would like to express our gratitude to Mr. Wado for answering a wide variety of questions.

Top left is our speaker, Mr. Wado.

Title: Semiconductor technologies and challenges supporting automated driving
The environment surrounding the automotive industry is changing drastically; we have entered a period of great change since the successful mass production of automobiles 100 years ago, and it is said that common sense will be rewritten near future. The changes in the industry structure due to the emergence of automated driving technology and the electrification of automobiles in response to environmental issues are the examples. In this seminar, we will start with the history of in-vehicle electronics and introduce the past, present, and future efforts toward a mobility society, focusing on semiconductor and sensor technologies, in response to environmental issues, reduction of traffic accidents, automated driving, and automobiles that are connected to everything.