Visit from Economic Officer of the U.S. Embassy

On March 8, 2024, we received a visit from Ms. Mijal Bucay, Economic Officer, U.S. Embassy Tokyo, and others.

The officers were interested in Q-LEAP’s quantum sensor technology and activities as a QIH (Quantum Innovation Hubs), and had a wide-ranging discussion with Q-LEAP’s principal investigator, Professor Mutsuko Hatano. Later, they toured the laboratories and interacted with Q-LEAP researchers and students.

The visit was very meaningful in reaffirming the importance of cooperation in the field of science and technology between the two countries and in exploring possibilities for further exchange and collaboration in the future. We will continue to actively engage in exchanges with international researchers and experts for further innovation and knowledge sharing.

(Photo: Ms. Mijal Bucay (center), Economic Officer, listens intently to a student’s explanation.)