4th IFQMS: Short presentation awards の表彰者が決まりました

Short Presentation Session の表彰者を掲載しました。(2021/12/21)


第4回IFQMSは、量子技術イノベーション拠点の発足を記念して開催されるQuantum Innovation 2021 (2021年12月7-9日開催) とのJoint Program Sessionとして開催します。

Program at a Glanceはこちら

Short Presentation Session

Short Presentation Session [SE-03A: Short Presentations by Young Researchers on SE-01, 04, 06, 07 Topics]のエントリー募集は終了しました。

4th IFQMS Short Presentation Session 概要

  • 日時:12月8日(水)13:10~16:10(日本時間)
  • SE-03Aプログラムの概要: 概要はこちら
     FAMILY NAME Given name (Affiliation)
     (例) HATANO Mutsuko (Tokyo Tech)
  • 開催方法:オンライン(Zoom)
  • 言語:英語
  • 時間等:発表5分+質疑応答5分
  • 表彰:審査により優秀発表を表彰予定

Template for Proceeding of Short Presentation



Virtual background for joining Zoom

Presentation Guideline (SE-03A Short Presentation)

  • Short Presentation session (SE-03A/B) will be held in a Zoom meeting.
  • Indicate your name as “FAMILY NAME Given name (Affiliation)” such as HATANO Mutsuko (Tokyo Tech).
  • SE-03A parallel sessions will provide by breakout room feature of Zoom.
  • Each presentation will be 5 minutes of explanation and 5 minutes of Q&A.
  • Each presenter shares their presentation documents from their own PC.
  • You can use the above virtual background.

Connection test for presenters

A pre-meeting will be held for all presenters and mentors. Please refer to the email sent by IFQMS on Dec.6 for details.
* QI2021 Presentation Guideline have been sent as an attachment to the above email.
(SE-03A 4th IFQMS/QI2021 Short Presentation Detailed Program and Publication of Proceedings)

Program with global timetable

Click here for the 4th IFQMS program with global timetable


Judging Committee for Short Presentation Awards

Best Short Presentation Award of SE-03A

Masaya Arahata
Kyoto University
“Wavelength-tunable broadband infrared quantum absorption spectroscopy in the mid-infrared region 2-5 µm”

Short Presentation Award of SE-03A

Moriyoshi Haruyama
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
“Electroluminescence observation of NV center in diamond lateral p-i-n diode”
Ryoichi Saito
Osaka University
“Development of a quantum gyroscope based on a signle ion trapping techniques”
Uri Vool
Harvard University
“Imaging hydrodynamic flow in WTe_2 using cryogenic quantum magnetometry”
Yining Xuan
Tohoku University
“Single photon emission from a quantum-dot-gold-nanostar coupled system on an optical nanofiber”

Short Presentation Award of SE-03Bについてはこちら